A Little Paint Goes A Long Way


It still amazes me every time I do a project what a coat of paint does to a room, piece of furniture, a floor, or just about anything! Wether it’s a gallon of paint, a can of spray paint, or a small bottle of acrylic paint, its true that color changes everything.  If you are afraid to try a new color, start with accent pieces to introduce the color into a room, or add an accent wall before committing to the color in its entirety.  Whatever you decide, you can always repaint…..be brave!

I had leftover Devine Color paint @Target from my basement redo, and I was trying to think where I could use it.  I decided to spruce up the kids bathroom, considering they are all teenagers, and I needed to get rid of the bright turquoise paint on the beadboard and I hated the builders grade sink base, so I got to work.  I wiped down all surfaces, gently sanded, DID NOT PRIME, because Devine Color is a primer and paint in one! I love that! Anyway, I applied a light coat of paint and a second coat after and the project was done.  It’s a much brighter and more “sophisticated” space for the teenagers in the house.






See what a little paint can do? Take risks!