A Little Paint Goes A Long Way


It still amazes me every time I do a project what a coat of paint does to a room, piece of furniture, a floor, or just about anything! Wether it’s a gallon of paint, a can of spray paint, or a small bottle of acrylic paint, its true that color changes everything.  If you are afraid to try a new color, start with accent pieces to introduce the color into a room, or add an accent wall before committing to the color in its entirety.  Whatever you decide, you can always repaint…..be brave!

I had leftover Devine Color paint @Target from my basement redo, and I was trying to think where I could use it.  I decided to spruce up the kids bathroom, considering they are all teenagers, and I needed to get rid of the bright turquoise paint on the beadboard and I hated the builders grade sink base, so I got to work.  I wiped down all surfaces, gently sanded, DID NOT PRIME, because Devine Color is a primer and paint in one! I love that! Anyway, I applied a light coat of paint and a second coat after and the project was done.  It’s a much brighter and more “sophisticated” space for the teenagers in the house.






See what a little paint can do? Take risks!



One thing always leads to another


Sometimes when you have a piece that you just can’t part with, you find a way to repurpose it.  I needed a new coffee table, but just didn’t have the money to buy the large scale table I wanted for my family room.   The problem was that we have very 2 large couches that literally fit all 7 of us while watching a movie or favorite sporting event and our round coffee table just didn’t look right. (Btw, my couches are the greatest investment EVER! ) Anyway, be prepared, sometimes when you find that right piece you want to change your whole room :/


I started shopping in my own house, something I often do before heading out to a store, for something that would work as my coffee table.  I started thinking about this beautiful, old farm table sitting under my deck that I occasionally used, but it was very weathered and beat up after years of sitting outside.  I knew it had potential, I was just hoping it was still in good enough shape to be usable.  I cleaned it off outside and it was still sturdy, but very dirty and and stained with mildew.  I brought it in anyway and started getting to work right away.



I scrubbed the table numerous times with hot, soapy water letting it dry in between so I was able to see where it still needed cleaning and when it was ready to go I began sanding it. I then added Howard Feed-n-Wax Wood Polish from Walmart because my table was sooooo dried out it needed something to bring the wood back to its natural beauty.  This product worked great! When the sanding was complete, I cut the legs off the farm table to make it the height of a coffee table.  It was really coming along, but it was too dark for my family room, so I went to my paint supply, picked out some leftover white paint and began to lighten up my new coffee table.



When everything was done and I was loving my coffee table, I ended up HATING my beadboard behind my TV.  OK, this is what I was talking about…..I loved my new coffee table, but everything just seemed off and I couldn’t stand the color of the beadboard or the look of it.  I lived with it for a couple months, I scanned Pinterest for some inspiration, then when I had some extra cash, I headed to Lowe’s and found Timberwall Landscape Arctic White Wall Planks.  Each box was $60 so I left with 4 boxes.  I have never used them before or have known anyone that has, but I was excited for a change.  I brought them home, and with the help of my husband we had a new family room in 5 hours.  we took a couple breaks, but it was actually fun!  I would pick the layout and he would cut them into the right lengths.  Then you just stick them to the wall! (Beware, once they are in place they are pretty much not coming off.)  I would recommend laying the planks out on the floor so you know how they will look when they are on your wall.They have 2 different thicknesses that creates a cool texture on the wall.


I must say I was truly thrilled with the outcome and when it was all said and done, I could have bought a new coffee table for the price of the Timberwall Planks, but my family room needed some updating and I’m so happy with it. 😉


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Finding comfort in any space

I’m a huge believer that you can find comfort in any part of your home.  It just has to be filled with things you love and things that make you happy.  A favorite throw, a pillow with a favorite saying, a comfy chair, or even a cute table to put your favorite drink on. Always remember it’s the little things that tend to have the biggest impact on your space.

I have a finished basement, but I was tired of it looking like a “basement.”  So instead of doing a complete expensive overhaul, I updated just a space that went unused and overlooked.  A plug-in eyesore dated fireplace, and a beach theme that occurred only because I had nowhere to put these items.  I wanted to brighten up the space, change the look, and make it more part of my home. I kept thinking, we entertain down here, our teenage kids often “hang out” down here, it should be warm, inviting, and comfy. So off to Target I went.


I was skeptical at first to use peel and stick wallpaper, but it was inexpensive and again, in the basement, so I went with it.  I grabbed 2 rolls of Devine Color wall covering in textured whitewashed brick and a container  of Devine Color paint in Devine Twig from Target and headed home.


The project took me about 3 hours from start to finish so it wasn’t that bad at all and a for a grand total of $95 I ended up really liking the new space.  Each roll of wall covering was $35 each @2 and the paint was $25! Overall, the entire family has liked the change, not too much input from 5 teenagers, but my husband was a huge fan and we have sat by the now pretty, fake plug-in fireplace the last couple nights and have finally enjoyed this space. Take a look at the  before, after and some in between photos and tell me what you think!

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